SCS Enviro Services have developed programs that plan for the identification, removal and disposal of hazardous waste. Our clients in these matters include hospitals, commercial building owners and government agencies. Our knowledge of local, state and national  regulations allows us to design effective and budget-sensitive plans for managing hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste can be generated by medical facilities, construction projects, manufacturing operations and a host of other activities. Few organizations have the resources and knowledge to address issues related to waste generated by the business, a renovation project or medical procedures. SCS Enviro Services can identify, evaluate and recommend a correct waste disposal method.

SCS Enviro Services can undertake a variety of hazardous waste services, including:

Waste characterization studies, including data collection and analysis

Written plans and management strategies for hazardous waste removal and remediation

Develop plans for source reduction that can include product substitution, process changes and collection procedures

In-house laboratory analysis and evaluation

Compliance assessment

Addressing the issues raised by the presence of hazardous waste on a property is not only good environmental stewardship; in many instances, it is required by law. Failure to comply with regulations leaves organizations vulnerable to civil and criminal charges. Legal action damages reputations and diverts resources needed elsewhere. Our staff is able to judge the client’s legal liability during the risk assessment portion of a project.