SCS ENVIRO SERVICES Pvt Ltd (PT DIVISION) is a NABL ACCREDIATED Proficiency Testing provider in the field of CHEMICAL TESTING of ORES & MINERALS, SOIL, WASTE WATER, CONSTRUCTION WATER & WATER. NABL provide accreditation to Proficiency Testing Provider as per ISO/IEC 17043:2010. The organization as a PT provider has competence to conduct inter laboratory comparisons and also has access to expertise with the type of proficiency test items. For the present scope of Proficiency testing no subcontractors are being used as the oragnisation has its own laboratory that has been accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by NABL.


The organization as a proficiency testing provider identify and plan those processes which directly affect the quality of the proficiency testing scheme and ensure that they are carried out in accordance with documented procedures. These processes include – PT Items preparation, storage, packaging, distribution, homogeneity & stability study, data transfer & performance calculation, report preparation. All these processes are documented in the PT Plan. Where required, Stakeholders’ interest is considered in developing a plan and relevant information.


The Organisation give participants sufficient prior notice before sending proficiency test items, providing the date on which the proficiency test items are likely to arrive or to be despatched, unless the design of the proficiency testing scheme makes it inappropriate to do so.

The organization provides detailed documented instructions to all participants.The Instructions provided to participants, as applicable, includes the following:
Organisation has a policy that Participants should use the test method as per design of PT scheme, they are not allowed to use the test method of their choice to participate in the oragnisation designed PT schemes. The test methods are communicated to all participants through consent form FORM-1.

The necessity to treat proficiency test items in the same manner as the majority of routinely tested samples, unless there are particular requirements of the proficiency testing scheme which require departure from this principle;
Details of factors which could influence the testing of the proficiency test items, e.g. the nature of the proficiency test items, conditions of storage, whether the proficiency testing scheme is limited to selected test methods, and the timing of the testing;
Detailed procedure for preparing or conditioning, or both preparing and conditioning, of the proficiency test items before conducting the tests;
Any appropriate instructions on handling the proficiency test items, including any safety requirements;
Any specific environmental conditions for the participant to conduct tests and, if relevant, any requirement for the participants to report relevant environmental conditions during the time of the measurement;
Specific and detailed instructions on the manner of recording and reporting test results, such as the units of measurement, the number of significant figures or decimal places and reporting basis (e.g. on dry weight, or “as received”) etc. and associated uncertainties. If the instructions include reporting of the uncertainty of the reported result, this also include the coverage factor and, whenever practicable, the coverage probability;
The latest date for the provider to receive the proficiency testing results for analysis;
Information on the contact details of the Organisation (proficiency testing provider) for enquiries; and
Instructions on return of the proficiency test items, when applicable.



 PT item-distribution

PT item –testing & reporting of results




PT report & confidentiality


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Any type of appeals & complaints regarding PT programme or matter related to it,  should be addressed to the PT Coordinator through any means of communication and should be delivered within one month after the issue of PT report.


SCS ENVIRO SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (PT Division) is independent body to organise Inter-Laboratory Comparisons in order to assess the proficiency of pariticipating laboratories and commited to:
Organise the Inter-Laboratory Comparisons in a rigorous , competent and impartial way.
Assure the confidentiality of the data.
Act in a sustainable way.
Fulfils the needs of the participants & other customers and continuously improve the qualityof its services.
Promote the knowledge for quality documentation and the application of policies and procedures in the work by the personnel concerned with proficiency testing.
Implement the management system as per ISO/IEC 17043:2010 and continuously improve its effectiveness.


It is the objective of the Organization as a PT provider to function as an independent and impartial part of SCS ENVIRO SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED (PT DIVISION) and to continually improve upon by ensuring the following:

Continuous up gradation & enhancement in the skills of the employees through Training. Imparting training as per plan and needs identified in time.

Fulfillment of the requirements of customer as well as regulatory authorities.

Completing jobs in stipulated timeframe. On timedelivery of PT reports 100 %.

Six monthly average Customer satisfaction Index to be maintained above 90%.

Continual improvement in development and implementation of the management system.

To resolve customer complaint, if any, within 15 days.




Limestone, Dolomite

Iron Ore –Haematite, Magnetite

Feldspar, Black Trap

Soapstone, Talc

Clay, Bentonite, Fuller’s earth

Manganese Ore

Rock Phosphate

Bauxite Ore

 Quartz Ore



Waste Water


Ground Water; Drinking Water; Surface Water; Packaged Drinking Water

Construction Water